Rabu, 19 Ogos 2009

Another one of Those Poem

Not really into writing this past few days, but this is what I wrote for our creative writing class last week. It supposed to be a picture poem, but I am unsure of how to write it in picture here, in this blog. So I just write it as it is. 

His glance slices the opaque glass,

A coffin for rosses, now liquid transparent

No longer a heart of beating love.

And as his weak finger caressed,

the cold glass coffin, 

No memories of the sweetest love.

Instead just the cold, serene thoughts

Of flying, leaving his mortal form,

Reaching his destination,

Guided by faith and believes.

Oh! how he longed for,

The day his soul

Leaving this world.

The story behind this is that we are asked to bring something that smells nice, and then wrote a poem about that smelly thing in the shape of it from a dying person's perspective.

I brought a bottle of perfume, Morrocan Rose by Body shop. Not really proud of this piece, I dont really see what a dying person thinking of when they saw this bottle of perfume, so when I wrote this, I was in confusion.

Jumaat, 14 Ogos 2009

Takdok gapo pong....

Entri pertame ku in Trengganuspeak. Takdok gapo nok royak pong, sajo gata tangang tetibe je sebak lame doh dok update natang blog-nih. Sapa berabok-abok doh sinih nih. Kawe sibuk weh, esaimeng la, H1N1 la, lalalalala. Dengar - dengar kate UiTM nok tutok se-sem sebak ko demang babi nih, rohok weh kalu gituh, lambat lagih kawe nok grad. Kawe pong baru abih demang jah nih. Pale pinar-pinar sokmo kalu naik tangge nok sapa bbilik tingkak lime nih, sapa bilik muko ija ketu, doh natangnye gi bui tingkat lime (bulih bilik mujo Ramzi weh). Kawe dok ingat-ingat nyakit hok satu nih kekgih koho teruk, Malaysia no.2 hok terok di Asia lepah Thailand. Yak berokna koho teruk payoh ginih, kawe dok larat nok paka mask tubek umoh sokmo. Kawe malah doh nok nulih, nok g tido, bye!

P/s, not at all sounds like a pure Trengganu, with and added sprinkle of Kelantanese budu here and there but all in all still sounds harmonious to me.

Selasa, 4 Ogos 2009

Acronym Poem

Yet another Poem we did for creative writing,

An Apple is meant to be eaten, so

Positioned a knife and ready to slice, then

Peel it's skin, Oh what a sin, this

Lust to something so divine, and I

End it with a bite!