Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Je suis un lâche pour cette annonce ...

J'ai vécu dans le déni. Dois admettre que je ne suis pas heureux avec certains de mes amis, et j'ai caché cela pour trois années de notre amitié. Je répugne lui, sa présence ne provoque que la colère et la haine, mais je le cache avec mon sourire.

Isnin, 19 Oktober 2009

I Lost a Key....

image taken here

Oh, its just the key to my house. I lost him times before but he just appeared out of thin air when my worries for him subsided. Half of his disappearance because of my own fault, you see, I am not a good owner, I left it alone in the house when I go out, only to have myself lock out inside the house, waiting hours for my housemate with his key. Half of it is just that I need times alone, you know when sometimes you needed time just for your own, you need to go out. I concluded that I am tired of this game. So I decided to get a new key and when he appear later, I just tell him that I have a new one. Beside the warm feeling I have having him around, I do not lose anything else .......which is everything!