Khamis, 29 April 2010

TSL 650, U6B

Mr Arif posted this on his notice board outside of his room.

Khamis, 8 April 2010

Shakespeare............saya keliru!!!!

It was a moment of confusion, and it was superbly hilarious, expect this when when you give Shakespeare to a group of energetic, confused (in a sense) and oh-so-young teacher wannabes!
This is our adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew! we bring you, The 'WILD'ing of the Sue!!!

Sue is a term that we use in referring to gender confused men. Like them or hate them, they are here to stay

And it was musical also! sang by a chorus of our eligible hotties, Shukor, Azam, Mira, Shah & Usher ( I mean like, Usher tu wehhh!!)

I played Katriman Su-Ib, the parody to Katarina (the) Shrew. It was Taming all upside down, about an effort of a woman, Putrisiah (Petruchio's parody) to 'wild' his soft-natured husband.

I co-write the play. I was inspired to smack on male negative perception on female (and mother's role), and at the same time, trying to make fun on Sue mentioned earlier, thus I wrote this in the part where Putrisiah woo Katriman Suib (inspired from the original play) :

Suib : ...................You are unstable!

Putri : what unstable?

Suib : A stool!

Putri : and what is a stool?

Suib : something to sit on, to bear you!

Putri : Exactly! I can bear you a child

Suib : donkeys are meant to bear people, you are just like a donkey1

putri : that makes the two of us, you trying so hard to be a women!

Alas, the part got cencored through the editing session.