Rabu, 30 Disember 2009

Son of a Beach!

Me mum decide to have a feast-of-a-dinner today, sea food themed. All because her favorite son is leaving to Shah Alam.

Being the mum that her kids know and love, when it comes to cooking, she only use the best ingredients, and that is exactly what is lacking on that eventful day!

So dad, with all the love for this little family, drove us (me, me mum, me anak buahses Nazmi and his two sister) to Telaga Papan, a small fishing village by the sea occupied by, well....., fishermen!

A visit here or any fishing villages is always a nostalgic treat, as I was born by the sea, in Kampung Penarek to be exact, which also happened to be me dad birthplace. We frequently do a short trip to Telaga Papan, often to replenish mum's stock of sea bounty or just for picnics.
I think dad loves these little trips, there is always a childish glow in his face from watching us play by the sea.

FYI, this is what my parent refers tu as 'naek darak', the moment when the fishermen land their catch and display them for buyers to see.

And the rest will be told by pictures:

Me mum, dok pilih the finest among fishes and clams and shrimps....

A typical scene, "banyok udang kare weh!"

Baby shark

Another typical scene, among buyers are families of the fishermen hoping for their safe return

Salam from Nazmi and moi!

Hmmph, Dok Tahu Nok Royak Gapo.......

Jumaat, 25 Disember 2009

Ayohsu dan Saya

Assalamualaikum, Nama saya Nazmi, umur saya 9 tahun. Saya bersekolah di Sek. Ren. Keb. LKTP Chalok Barat.

Ini Ayohsu saya, dia balik ke rumah sebab dia sedang bercuti. Saya suka berkawan dengan dia. Tapi dia suka merajuk. Satu hari saya terpanggil dia bodoh, dia merajuk. Saya cakap yang kawan - kawan saya yang lain kalau bergurau selalu sebut bodoh, bodoh, biase je!. Ayohsu cakap yang perkataan tuh kasar dan menyinggung, die cakap lagi orang kite selalu sangat pakai perkataan tuh. Saya tak paham sangat kenapa, tapi saya ikut je sebab kalau saya dengar cakap dia, dia bagi main PSP dia.

Lepas tuh semalam tengok Galleri Perdana kat TV1, pasal tsunami. Ade die tunjuk video orang dihanyutkan air. Macam lawak sebab dia tunggang langgang, Nazmi pun gelak la!. Ayohsu marah, die cakap ini tragedi, mane boleh gelak. Nazmi tak paham tragedi tu apa, tapi kalau Ayohsu marah tuh makneye bende tak elok lah kot. Lepas tu die tunjuk pasal sorang pakcik yg baby dia mati sebab tsunami tuh, Nazmi tak paham lagi. Baby tuh kecik lagi, mane boleh die mati awal - awal. Nazmi ingat ustaz cakap kat sekolah, kalau baby mati terus masuk syurga, sebab tak buat dosa lagi, Nazmi tanye Ayohsu betul @ tak, tapi die senyum je.

Hmmmph, dok tahu nok royak gapo doh....

Khamis, 24 Disember 2009

Two Sided Temptation

2010 approaches and I vowed to limit my gaming world to only Farmville on Facebook, you know, to give enough space for me to focus on more crucial matter (education, for example), I think I lulled too much time living in Role Playing Games that I forgot too live in the world where I truly exist.
But as always, with important decision there will always be those who opposed you, those exist only to make sure you succumb to do what is wrong thus straying you from the path of light (gitu!) and this particular one exist in the form of,

Rune Factory 3!

Those who familiar with Harvest Moon games will know that this is a spin-off of the series. Unlike Harvest Moon, Rune Factory games incorporate RPG elements, (fighting and leveling and stuff) and you still have the farming simulation that Harvest Moon is famous for. It was cleverly glued together too, in order to fight, you have to farm and vice versa.

I tried the Japanese version of this and I was thrilled (with I do not understand Japanese and all) Now eagerly waiting for US release in 2010!

I finished Rune Factory and Rune Factory 2 this year so I really know this gem!

And oh, this one is for Nintendo Dual Screen, it has two screen thus the tittle, two sided, capiche?

Isnin, 21 Disember 2009


Anda tidak pernah belajar apa - apa dari pengajaran, bukan?

Khamis, 3 Disember 2009

Rabu, 2 Disember 2009

Merci beaucoup!

It was years ago, the exact date eluded me but it was in the first week of my brief life as a form 6 student. While waiting for a better call, I decide to lull precious time here in Sek. Model Khas Chalok.
Enter our first character, Shaharul Mukhliz Mohd, a friend of mine I made acquaintance since kindergarten. On some business I had forgotten, he asked me to accompany him to school one afternoon.
Whether it was fate or it was my luck ringing a bell, we met our beloved Sir Ruzaini who teaches us English for SPM. I remember him asking of my application for TESL programme I'm doing right now. My answer is that I have not yet received any letter concerning that matter. The naivety of me! thinking that they still paper letters! being in a Felda settlement really have its bad side when it comes to technology. I was 18, and I was aware of the internet but never use it before.
So sir Ruzaini took us to the school computer lab and with a few clicks, congratulation Ramzi, you are asked to attend an interview regarding the course you applied, when will it be? Tomorrow!!!
I rush home I made my family aware of the good, short notice news, and I sent my parent to Chaos to prepare me for tomorrow.
I end up putting on my form 6 school uniform (without the necktie) for the interview.
So my dear readers of blog suciku, you will now understand why I owe this two wonderful person thousands!
Again, thank you!

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

Je suis un lâche pour cette annonce ...

J'ai vécu dans le déni. Dois admettre que je ne suis pas heureux avec certains de mes amis, et j'ai caché cela pour trois années de notre amitié. Je répugne lui, sa présence ne provoque que la colère et la haine, mais je le cache avec mon sourire.

Isnin, 19 Oktober 2009

I Lost a Key....

image taken here

Oh, its just the key to my house. I lost him times before but he just appeared out of thin air when my worries for him subsided. Half of his disappearance because of my own fault, you see, I am not a good owner, I left it alone in the house when I go out, only to have myself lock out inside the house, waiting hours for my housemate with his key. Half of it is just that I need times alone, you know when sometimes you needed time just for your own, you need to go out. I concluded that I am tired of this game. So I decided to get a new key and when he appear later, I just tell him that I have a new one. Beside the warm feeling I have having him around, I do not lose anything else .......which is everything!

Ahad, 20 September 2009

Trengganu Raya Delicacies: Tapai Pulut in Daun Getah

This one particular sweetmeat is popular here in Trengganu. It is more common to ketupat or lemang and to have raya without this is not raya indeed here. If my memories of past raya did not betray me, there is no raya that was celebrated without tapai pulut. So significant that mom priorities this in her list of raya delicacies, ketupat is always bought from someone else.

Usually prepared two days before Eid, mom will make sure that it is everyone's affair of making sure it is done before the end of the day. Preparing this is always a merry chance of get together for us.

The tapai is made from sticky rice (or is it called glutinous rice?), mom use the help of bacteria in ragi (that chunk of white stuff in the strainer, seriously, I dont know what is this in English) through fermentation to help sweeten it.

The tapai is wrapped in leaves of rubber tree, beside from giving the tapai a shade of refreshing green, the leaves also provides aroma, but not at all like the smell og getah mind you!

For us youngster, this will be perfect time for us to hone our skill of tapai packing, as shown here by my nephew, beside, who else will carry the sweet tradition after this?

Perhaps aided by some ancient Trengganu charm, the tapais are left to sweetened in some dark damp corner of our house.

And usually when Eid comes, the tapais are ready to be wolfed by sweet tooth who craves it! YUMM!

My living memories only remember two version of tapai, the one shown here and another one, wrapped in daun jembal. Usually made by those who live by the sea. Why? simply because rubber tree dont grow near the beaches

Tapai in Jembal Leaves, taken here

But I even heard that they use yam leaves to to prepare tapai, wonder how they overcome the gatal that come along?

Next, I will share the secret trade of making Nasi Dagang which in the very moment of me writing this, is steaming hot in mom's kitchen, bye!

Jumaat, 18 September 2009

And he landed on my chest...

I guess when you are so close to nature, nature will tend to get friendly. I was home for raya and was enjoying my privilege of waking up late when i felt a gust of gentle wind on my face and then a gentle thud of something landing on my chest. Now, growing up in a FELDA settlement, when things like this happens to you, instinct tells you to run and screams for your mom, exactly what I did after that, which was really stupid because what landed on my chest was a cute, black bird.

I dont know where this little fella comes from but it was thin, when I grab it, I can really feels its bone underneath those feathers, so been a good Samaritan that I was, the proper things to do is to feed it.

I think this one belong to someone. It is tradition among us who keep birds to let them go during Ramadhan, they fly back to their cages at the end of the day anyway. But, judging by the state of this one, I am pretty sure the owner has not been a good bird keeper, so there is no hurrying to return to your cage birdie!

Judging by the way it folds its wings, I am sure this is a really young bird, maybe stolen from their nest just after hatching, the same way many birds use to end up in cages in my kampung (I know because I used to do that a lot when I was a kid). 

What I got to say about this is, go ahead if you want to keep a bird, just make sure it always happy

Ahad, 6 September 2009

Halwa Telinga Di Bulan Ramadhan

Got to admit that I am not really a nasyeed fan. But a good song do appear once in a while (Zain Bhika's Allah Knows for example) such as this one by Sami Yusuf. In the spirit of Ramadhan, you can download this one for free. Just google for his site and download there. Enjoy!

Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me

Rabu, 2 September 2009

Cinta yang ku simpan setahun ini sangat manis rasanya

Kalau dah cinta, manusia buta segala,

Manakan tidak lahirnya kata - kata,

"Mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena"

"Lautan api kurenang jua!"

Apatah lagi jika,

Jasad yang didamba mustahil pula,

"Kan kucapai jua!"

"Haram caranya, kupeduli apa?"

Begitulah alkisahnya

Cinta Ramzi kepada


Chaos and Cosmos Front cover

YAAA! after a year of waiting for this game to be translated into English, Akhirnya puas juga nafsuku untuk melagakan Kefka Pallazzo dan Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy Stuff, if you are not a fan, tak payah cuba nak interpret what the fish am I talking about, takde hidden meanng pon)

Best! semua karakter dari Final Fantasy yang original sampai Final Fantasy 10 ada, A must have to every Final Fantasy Fan! Two thumbs up and 5 star to Square Enix!

Rabu, 19 Ogos 2009

Another one of Those Poem

Not really into writing this past few days, but this is what I wrote for our creative writing class last week. It supposed to be a picture poem, but I am unsure of how to write it in picture here, in this blog. So I just write it as it is. 

His glance slices the opaque glass,

A coffin for rosses, now liquid transparent

No longer a heart of beating love.

And as his weak finger caressed,

the cold glass coffin, 

No memories of the sweetest love.

Instead just the cold, serene thoughts

Of flying, leaving his mortal form,

Reaching his destination,

Guided by faith and believes.

Oh! how he longed for,

The day his soul

Leaving this world.

The story behind this is that we are asked to bring something that smells nice, and then wrote a poem about that smelly thing in the shape of it from a dying person's perspective.

I brought a bottle of perfume, Morrocan Rose by Body shop. Not really proud of this piece, I dont really see what a dying person thinking of when they saw this bottle of perfume, so when I wrote this, I was in confusion.

Jumaat, 14 Ogos 2009

Takdok gapo pong....

Entri pertame ku in Trengganuspeak. Takdok gapo nok royak pong, sajo gata tangang tetibe je sebak lame doh dok update natang blog-nih. Sapa berabok-abok doh sinih nih. Kawe sibuk weh, esaimeng la, H1N1 la, lalalalala. Dengar - dengar kate UiTM nok tutok se-sem sebak ko demang babi nih, rohok weh kalu gituh, lambat lagih kawe nok grad. Kawe pong baru abih demang jah nih. Pale pinar-pinar sokmo kalu naik tangge nok sapa bbilik tingkak lime nih, sapa bilik muko ija ketu, doh natangnye gi bui tingkat lime (bulih bilik mujo Ramzi weh). Kawe dok ingat-ingat nyakit hok satu nih kekgih koho teruk, Malaysia no.2 hok terok di Asia lepah Thailand. Yak berokna koho teruk payoh ginih, kawe dok larat nok paka mask tubek umoh sokmo. Kawe malah doh nok nulih, nok g tido, bye!

P/s, not at all sounds like a pure Trengganu, with and added sprinkle of Kelantanese budu here and there but all in all still sounds harmonious to me.

Selasa, 4 Ogos 2009

Acronym Poem

Yet another Poem we did for creative writing,

An Apple is meant to be eaten, so

Positioned a knife and ready to slice, then

Peel it's skin, Oh what a sin, this

Lust to something so divine, and I

End it with a bite!


Rabu, 22 Julai 2009

Clumsy Ramzi indeed!

Took a cab from faculty to college today. I carried lots of stuff, so I had a hard time to open the cab's door, almost tripped in the process. Managed to get out of the cab, because I carry a lot of stuff, I cant see a huge chunk of rock underneath so I tripped, spilling everything I carry. Lots of people watching but none help. Later after maghrib, was hungry so I go out for nasi lemak jati, later I langgar that huge tong (it was a baldi thingy, yg ade penutup tu) of nasi and almost spill out everything inside.

I was known to be clumsy but today is the clumsiest of my day I ever experienced 

Selasa, 21 Julai 2009

To a friend

~Sometime I do wish it is just the body that grows, not the child inside~

From right to left, Aziz (a dear friend of mine) me, my brother and Aziz's brother taken on the morning of hari raya of 1991.

Jumaat, 17 Julai 2009

I Need To Bite You

Oh pierce my eyes with your eternal blush!, devine is your scent as I glorify your existence, my finger grasp your perfect shape, Greed!, Forgive me for lust is strong as I cut your skin, my bites make you drip and I lick each drop for to waste you my dear is a sin unforgiven.
Referring to an apple. This is what we did in creative writing class this week.

Rabu, 15 Julai 2009

I like this picture.

and I dont know why i love it

taken here

Isnin, 13 Julai 2009

My first attempt of a creative writing (kononnya)

Our first class of TESL 620, Creative Writing. We did some activities, my favourite is when we have to think of someone who ask a lot of questions and come up with 6 possible questions along with the answers. We later combine them into a poem so it will be like a real situation of interrogation, mine is between me and my grammar teacher:

My Grammar Teacher

'why are you late?'

'teacher, please define 'late'

'have you finished your homework?' 

'teacher, your homework is a humiliation to my knowledge'

'if I ask you to promise me to never come late again, will you?'

'teacher, again that depends on your definition of  late'

'anyone finish reading the article on grammar i gave last week?'

'teacher, you are in the wrong class, this is Ekonomi Rumah Tangga class!

'Why are you so stubborn?

'because you are not the teacher for this class!'

'Okay you guys hate me now?'

'we hate you because you think we hate you'

Seriously, this one wont win me Pulitzer (did I spell that right?) but it is good enough for beginners.

Khamis, 9 Julai 2009

Faces and Friends: Where shah teach us Domino

Orang kaya kita yg belanje sakan kami, respek ar kak mira!

Tour guide kami yang mana pengetahuannya megenai Domino melayakkan beliau menjadi operator Domino sepenuh masa, Go Shah!

Muka penuh macho (yang cover) menahan perut yang lapar

Dalam hati (ko macho ker Ramzi?)

Tour guide in action!

Sebelum (bayangkan sendiri selepas punye scene, hint, kusi tunggang langgang akibat tabiat pemakanan Azim yg tidak seimbang) takde modal nak buat lawak?

Zue yg menafikan kemacho-an ku cuba menunjukkan contoh macho yg terbaik sehingga menakutkan akak kaunter Domino

Azim lantas tercabar harus membuktikan kenmacho-an nya juga!

Lalu sama - samalah mereka memachokan diri mereka!

Aku jugak yang ayu, HAHAHAHAH!

Pastu semua orang nak posing ayu gak, nyampah!

Ramzi: Ikut suke korang la yang penting kita.........

Mira, Shah, Zue & Azim: HAPPY!

Ahad, 5 Julai 2009

Happy Birthday Cohort 4

Salam to my dearest blogger friends!

dalam khusyuk syahdu meratapi hidupku nan tidak sempurna ini (rujuk post dibawah) lupa dan alpa pula untuk mengucapkan happy birthday to this crazy bunch of looney, fruit-cake-deliciously-banana-cuckoo-crazy people (which I am a part of) known as COHORT 4!

The Cohort 4 logo, designed by Meor

Fear not ya dear friends, we are actually the fourth batch of TESL link programme between Institut Perguruan Kota Bharu (IPKB) and UiTM. In a few days we gonna start our fifth semester and on  4/7/2009 we celebrate our 4th birthday! yay!

Eh, seronoklah being with u guys! from the blood donation programmes we held to Pygmallion and Machbeth that we famously stage in IPKB.

Us of Link 7

Us Of Link 8