Isnin, 8 November 2010

Suhaimi Meor Hassan, Anna Raffali dan Altimet

Aku hanya ingin menyatakan bahawa kalian adalah genius. Ini adalah kerana, kalian meyakinkan aku bahawa lagu - lagu tempatan masih lagi sedap didengar. Ku dengan segera telah mencari beberapa lagu Melayu untuk diselitkan di celah - celah senarai mainan (playlist) ku.

You are now my official mantra....

Boleh pandang - pandang, jangan pegang - pegang, duduk renggang - renggang, biar malu - malu, biar segan - segan......

Dok tahu nok royak gapo doh, nok gih buat kijo pulok.

The Monsoon's Tapioca

The Monsoon! nothing like entertaining your ear to the drip, drip, drip and the pitter patter of the raindrops as they happily dance their tiny feet on our atap.

It is also the time when the Tapioca, taste suddenly different, for this is THE food to have to lull time away when rain is pouring outside like tomorrow will never come. Hawkers sprout out near the simpangs of our roads (like mushroom after the rain, so to speak) selling raw tapioca or kuihs made especially from them.

My favourite is the humble boiled tapioca, to add taste, we grate (is this the correct word?) coconuts, mixed with a pinch of salt. The humble, plain taste of the tapioca, the sweetness of the coconut with a tinge of salt is a festival for the taste buds.

Back in those days, we never have shortage of tapioca for it is a must in my mother's garden. There they were, rows and rows of them providing some greens to cool our eyes. Sometimes, mom will pick the shoots, boil them and serve them with a dipping of the anchovy sauce (budu), a favorite of mine.

I am eager for my semester to end, because I heard home calling whenever the heaven cries...
Setiu oh setiuku...., hahaha

Dok tahu nok royak gapo....