Jumaat, 27 Februari 2009

The coffe memory (concerning Ayoh)

One of my childhood memories of my beloved dad, or Ayoh as I warmly call him is of cup of coffe in kedai kopi in the afternoon. After zohor prayer, he took me out on his kapchai to the kedai kopi. I remember the that the cup will always have a saucer with it, and a small spoon. What Ayoh did was first stir the kopi and the milk together and tasting it, making sure it have just the right amount of sweetness. Satisfied, he pour some of the sweet liquid into the saucer and blow it to cold. The one with saucer is mine and then I sat patiently waiting for it to get cold, as Ayoh drank the remaining kopi in the cup. When it is cold enough then I have my go. We will then talk about my education or whatever that crosses our mind, but mainly it concerned me. I remember then the coffe in the saucer taste so sweet, especially with Ayoh to enjoyed it. I was so much his darling little angel back then and I think I still am, whenever he spoke to me, I can see the little child in me smiling, especially in phone coversation at the end of the month, asking for pocket money.

How little we speak in their language

It was 1.00 pm on friday and being a devoted muslim that I am, I was on my way to the Mosque for Friday Prayer. Just finished a discussion at the faculty and because I have another class at 3 pm, I did not go back to Cemara and change. Biasanya kalau nak gi friday prayer mesti pakai baju melayu hensem2 n sembur perfume sampai penghuni akasia boleh bau, tapi malas lah nak balik Cemara then Datang balik faculty, just pray at the nearest mosque lah. On my way there were this two guys walking in front of me, they converse in sign language. Being a student of language, I cant help but fascinated by the silenceness of their conversation. My sojourn in the quietness was interrupted in a form of three kids. Upon seeing the two men in front of me they were like running in excitement, you know, screaming and pointing like the ice - cream man is coming. Then the kids started to called the men with names (the kind that will hurt if I write it here) eventhough the two guys cant hear the kids, I think they knew, because they started to exchange looks. One of the kids kinda ask question to them and one of the guy answered (in sign language) and the kid told this to his friend "die paham kite cakap la". It struck me to extreme repulsiveness because it suggest that they (the one blessed with the ability to hear and speak) are differrent (its like, two species kinda different) compared to them (the one who are tested with not having the ability to speak or hear and thus making them stronger, in my opinion).

Isnin, 23 Februari 2009

Of Twin Tower, Faridtosaurus and Garra Rufa Sp.

should post this earlier but procrastination aided with extreme lack of energy prevails (nak tulis poem ke?) hehe. This is what happened on our last outing, exactly on saturday, 21st of february 2009. Me, Zue, Kak Im, Mira, Azim, Azie, Ani, Tia, Gege, Fery and Farid went to KLCC (the small child in me just exploded with excitement). Luck betrayed us as our plan to waste our time in Petrosains is proved fooly as there are too many people in there and the entrance is blocked. We then turn our attention to Dino Trek 2 exbhition. We are then been amazed with life size replicas of T-rexes and Triceratops and many other dinosaur name that was proved too difficult to spell or pronounce. We also participate in a kind of challenge to produce the best dinosaur out of paper and the trick is one of us have to be the dinosaur. So that is when Faridtosdaurus come to be.

here, teamwork and determination is tested as we try our best in making the best dinosaur! aided and guided by of course, our talented Mak Andam, Azim Saidon, here in this picture is handsomely dressed in my new shirt (bile nak pulang zim?)

But in the end, everyone wins, Oh well, so much for determination and teamwork!

Next, we went to Aquaria, I dont have any picture so I wont talk much of this, we enjoyed it anyway, better than the Dino Trek Exibithion.
After a visit to the underwater world, we do something different out of fishses, rather than we eat them, we let them 'eat' our tired, weary little feet!

anyway, the hairy leg is mine and the other one is Azim's.
This small little fishies are Garra Rufa, Native I think, to Turkey. I heard of this theraphy before, but never try it so the ivitation is quiet alluring. Their bites were like small electric shocks, didnt really enjoy it at first but later I found it quite soothing(?). Then me and azim beranagn la kononye nak cube sumethin advance, so we moved to another kolam, with bigger fishes, and hell what a bite they delivered, it was disturbing, almost like pain.

Me and azim sum - up the day with shopping. We bought shirt in a store called ROMP.

Jumaat, 20 Februari 2009

I ruined Mior's farewell cake

mior is our dear - dear friend. It is not too much I think to say that he is like the backbone to us Cohort 4, especially when it comes to the negotiations of banking in our allowance early, so that we have enough time to waste it later. He and another friend was choseen for student exchange programme to Australia. Sorry for ruining the cake guys, bersalah sangat ni, hehe. Anyway, good luck with the aussies Mior, pack us some koalas later ya!

Khamis, 19 Februari 2009

I watched this twice

This semester, we took Literature In ESL Classroom. This course is mainly about teaching Eglish via literature. one of the text we studied is Two Kinds by Amy Tan. It explores the complex relationship of mother and daughter, told with the relationship of Jing Mei and her mother, an immigrant from China. The Joy Luck Club is like a sequel to Two Kinds, where we are told of the story between two generation of women, their mothers are imiggrants and the daughters are pure bred american chinese. I cried a few times watching this, I am especially sensitive of the subject of mother's love and especially touched on Jing Mei's mother story, especially what happened to her in China. A must watch for anyone who need an emotional outburst, you will cry and later called each others mum telling her how much you love her.

Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Runnimng away.........................

run, run, run away,
you really had make my day,
run, run, do not stay,
leave a mucus trail on your way........

I HATE Rhinorrhea!!!!!! (how to pronounce this anyway?)

(later I realised I spelled Running wrong but then I decided to leave it as it is)

Ahad, 15 Februari 2009

I smell like a girl

this is my first time ever I use women fragrances, just because I like the smell of roses. Need to thank Shah for stopping at The Body Shop outlet at Sunway Pyramid on our recent outing.

Selasa, 3 Februari 2009

To a friend

Time and People will separate us but the bond we create will shake even the foundation of Earth.