Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009

Two good things happened to me today.

The plan is to go to Plaza Alam Central, I really need to buy a new leather shoes and you can see my toe poking out of my sneaker. Really need to buy this two stuff. But the two good things happened in Shah Alam City Centre. From afar I can smell this smell that evoke the sweet memory of sweet circular thingy, usually covered in chocolatte. And the first sight of the origin of the smell makes me smile. it was

Big Apple Donuts & Coffe!
I remember in Kelantan, I used to have this like once every week!, that was when the ever handsome and loyal friend of mine, mat daoh I called him, was my driver (usually he will get two of his favourite donuts in the end!)

The next best thing happened in MPH bookstore. I was browsing in the local interest section, (so I think) with a book in my mind. Browse through the upper shelf, nope. second shelf, also, no, and lastly the bottomost shelf, yup! I found it

Been looking for this one for centuries after I stumbled Awang Goneng's Blog.
I just love how he captured his childhood in Terengganu in his words. Really brings me back old memories of pokok getoh, ikang sekila and many more memento of my childhood. To anyone who want to go back in time to your terengganu chilhood, hurry up to SACC's MPH and look for this book, theres only two copies left!

Khamis, 29 Januari 2009

Time do change us ( but we cant change time )

Met my dear chilhood friends after Friday Prayer today, Aziz is his name. I remember when we are small, we used to be inseparable. We will be together catching little fishies in monsoon or picking rubber seeds in it season. It is just that in our adolescent, we tend to forget the small things that bring us together. I mean like when I met him before, we just talk on our education and where will our life take us after this, stuff like that. Then we turn our backs, took our own path and then we act like nothing ever happened. Sometimes I do wish it is just the body that grow, not the child inside.

I beat Crisis Core to the core!

After many days abandoning books and many important assignments, I Finally finished Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

at exactly 09:01 am, I finished the final boss Genesis Avatar!. I took half an hour to finish him of, blame it on this reasons, my level is not high enough (level 40), the battle is meant to take that long or I suck at fighting. Anyway, really enjoyed it, now I know what really happened before Final Fantasy VII, like what happened between Shinra and Wutai and stuff like that. I give it 8 out of 10.

Saye gi Kelate hari tuh

Kelantan is very dear to my heart, as this is where life itself unfolds to me, also the food there is various and cheap! hehe. We took a tour to memory lane gastronomical path this mid - term break as pokjat invite me and kerol to kota bharu on the 28th of january. What happened is that we had our lunch at the famous restoran Haiqal nasi kukus, a restaurant I hold dear to heart as their nasi kukus and ayam goreng berempah is the object of my fantasy to me!

they changed the recipe I think, the ayam goreng is saltier (instead of spicy the way I like it before) also the gravy taste different.

apart from that, they also renovate the restaurant. the part yang you guys line up to tapau had been paved with mozek. I didnt dare to take pictures sebab akak yang buat air pandang semacam, hehe.

I spend two hundred Ringgit on clothing at KB Mall.

Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

I quote this from Bear's Blog

‘Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in an attractive well preserved body; rather to skid in sideways, body thoroughly worn out, covered in scars and screaming “yahoo! What a ride!”

Ahad, 25 Januari 2009

We are all human

Violence is never the answer,
War is a human mistake!

Expanding the limit of my handheld gaming world!

This guy is so dedicated to his gaming world, he found no difficulty in spending some (when I say some, I mean quite a lot) hard cold cash for a new, shining Playsation Portable (PSP for short). People do questioned this as he already owned a Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS). It really is a question of passion and deep dedication to the gaming world, he do not really care of what others say and continue on busying himself with his two beloved gaming console!

Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

Money makes the world goes around (hehehehehe)

The allowance money is just been cash in! Fening kepale dok mikir camner le nak perabih kan RM 4000 nih , hehe.

Isnin, 19 Januari 2009

I have been shocked by my own culture

I dunno how to put this into word............ BRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr
rase macam kene penyepak kat kepale and then baru sedar, Is that what I have been doing with all the precious time GOD gave me?............. BRRRRRRrrrRRRrRRrRRRRrRrRR

Mr. Kieran (Karim) still remembers me

Mr. Kieran is my previous lecturer for Phonetics and Phonology, he is the person responsible for failing me that course and I have to repeat it again this semester. If I gave you the image of a mean, irresponsible man to him and then I have to apologise, for he is a great, funny man. The fact taht I failed phonetics is my fault entirely and has nothing to do whatsoever with the man teaching me the course. I met him today, he remembered me from his phonetic class last semester but forget my name, When I told my name and he said "oh ya, the pharaoh guy, or something like that (my name sounds like a pharaoh). I like your goatee, he said and then dissapear behind a door.

I dont know why I should put I dont know why in my every post title

Okay, the main idea is to give a trademark to this blog, but the thing is, its getting harder to come up with good title for every post that starts with I dont know. and I must admit I had been delaying post because I dont have the the right title that fits the criteria, so I had decide not to do so in my future post.

Rabu, 14 Januari 2009

I dont know why I dont join this earlier

I just wanna say say taht I am over the moon glad that I choose Malay Debating as my co-curriculum activites this semester. I mean, our lecturer ( we warmly call her Mama ) she like, change my perspective of debating completely ( when I heard the word debating, I magine political guys craning their neck to decide who's idea is better, sorta like that ), Mama like lets us debate over stupid stuff like wheter we sholud stay single or married. Too bad i dont snap any picture of me debating.

Isnin, 12 Januari 2009

I dont know why I post this

do you know a pack of crows is called a murder?

I dont understand my own gender

this is what happened. I was writing my my previous post when suddenly my Housemate, Pokjat and Chek have a fight, Chek suddenly raised his voice and I being the gentle and sensitive creature that I am, had to stop it. I was like being so motherly (hehe) and asked what the sudden outburst of anger and then I said that I dont understand then i said "lelaki kalu dah gaduh nanti naik kaki tangan" (Men if involved in a row then will 'raise' their hands and leg, meaning to say the started fighting, raise their hands and leg as in punching or kicking) then they laughed and said that this is how guys have fun, sorta like that. Then Pokjat asked me what What will 'rise' if I fight with a guy, and then everybody laughed (Pokjat was referring me being a gay). I love you guys!

I dont know how to put this into words

Today I experienced something I never experience before. Dunno how to describe it, is it a feeling? an event maybe, I dunno. It was like this, i just finished my Phonetic Class and it was raining quite heavily and seeming that it was a foolish attempt to get myself wet, I wait for a drizzle with a few of my, well let say best friends (there was Huzz, Shahrul, Mam Zaza and the ever beautiful, queen of the dragged, Channi!). So we do what we suppose to do while waiting for the rain to stop, like mengorat girls, (cheh, kononnye!) and harrassing Channi. My god, this will be long and i havent reach my point yet!. Okay, to make thing short, the rain stop so I make my way to the bus stop. Okay, it was all wet so I had to stand, never mind lah! and then I feel like eating ice - cream. So I walk to the nearest 7-11. I bought a Cornetto Trophy (Almond, kinda bored with chocolatte) It was like a RM3.50-heaven-on-a-stick. The taste of it melting on your tongue is so divine!. And then I make my way out, so this is when everything began. Next to the 7-11 is a furniture store, to go back to the bus stop, I had to walk in front of it. When I was passing the store, two girls walk out of it and one one them actually smile at me and nudge her friends to look at me. They both smile and whispers. i was like, okay, let them be. When they walk pass me they like scream, eeeeeeeeeeeee hensemnye!. I swear that was what I heard. It was like the first time girls who dont know me say such a thing. I cant describe the feeling I felt after that, is this what you guys felt when a girl say you are cute?