Rabu, 22 Julai 2009

Clumsy Ramzi indeed!

Took a cab from faculty to college today. I carried lots of stuff, so I had a hard time to open the cab's door, almost tripped in the process. Managed to get out of the cab, because I carry a lot of stuff, I cant see a huge chunk of rock underneath so I tripped, spilling everything I carry. Lots of people watching but none help. Later after maghrib, was hungry so I go out for nasi lemak jati, later I langgar that huge tong (it was a baldi thingy, yg ade penutup tu) of nasi and almost spill out everything inside.

I was known to be clumsy but today is the clumsiest of my day I ever experienced 

Selasa, 21 Julai 2009

To a friend

~Sometime I do wish it is just the body that grows, not the child inside~

From right to left, Aziz (a dear friend of mine) me, my brother and Aziz's brother taken on the morning of hari raya of 1991.

Jumaat, 17 Julai 2009

I Need To Bite You

Oh pierce my eyes with your eternal blush!, devine is your scent as I glorify your existence, my finger grasp your perfect shape, Greed!, Forgive me for lust is strong as I cut your skin, my bites make you drip and I lick each drop for to waste you my dear is a sin unforgiven.
Referring to an apple. This is what we did in creative writing class this week.

Rabu, 15 Julai 2009

I like this picture.

and I dont know why i love it

taken here

Isnin, 13 Julai 2009

My first attempt of a creative writing (kononnya)

Our first class of TESL 620, Creative Writing. We did some activities, my favourite is when we have to think of someone who ask a lot of questions and come up with 6 possible questions along with the answers. We later combine them into a poem so it will be like a real situation of interrogation, mine is between me and my grammar teacher:

My Grammar Teacher

'why are you late?'

'teacher, please define 'late'

'have you finished your homework?' 

'teacher, your homework is a humiliation to my knowledge'

'if I ask you to promise me to never come late again, will you?'

'teacher, again that depends on your definition of  late'

'anyone finish reading the article on grammar i gave last week?'

'teacher, you are in the wrong class, this is Ekonomi Rumah Tangga class!

'Why are you so stubborn?

'because you are not the teacher for this class!'

'Okay you guys hate me now?'

'we hate you because you think we hate you'

Seriously, this one wont win me Pulitzer (did I spell that right?) but it is good enough for beginners.

Khamis, 9 Julai 2009

Faces and Friends: Where shah teach us Domino

Orang kaya kita yg belanje sakan kami, respek ar kak mira!

Tour guide kami yang mana pengetahuannya megenai Domino melayakkan beliau menjadi operator Domino sepenuh masa, Go Shah!

Muka penuh macho (yang cover) menahan perut yang lapar

Dalam hati (ko macho ker Ramzi?)

Tour guide in action!

Sebelum (bayangkan sendiri selepas punye scene, hint, kusi tunggang langgang akibat tabiat pemakanan Azim yg tidak seimbang) takde modal nak buat lawak?

Zue yg menafikan kemacho-an ku cuba menunjukkan contoh macho yg terbaik sehingga menakutkan akak kaunter Domino

Azim lantas tercabar harus membuktikan kenmacho-an nya juga!

Lalu sama - samalah mereka memachokan diri mereka!

Aku jugak yang ayu, HAHAHAHAH!

Pastu semua orang nak posing ayu gak, nyampah!

Ramzi: Ikut suke korang la yang penting kita.........

Mira, Shah, Zue & Azim: HAPPY!

Ahad, 5 Julai 2009

Happy Birthday Cohort 4

Salam to my dearest blogger friends!

dalam khusyuk syahdu meratapi hidupku nan tidak sempurna ini (rujuk post dibawah) lupa dan alpa pula untuk mengucapkan happy birthday to this crazy bunch of looney, fruit-cake-deliciously-banana-cuckoo-crazy people (which I am a part of) known as COHORT 4!

The Cohort 4 logo, designed by Meor

Fear not ya dear friends, we are actually the fourth batch of TESL link programme between Institut Perguruan Kota Bharu (IPKB) and UiTM. In a few days we gonna start our fifth semester and on  4/7/2009 we celebrate our 4th birthday! yay!

Eh, seronoklah being with u guys! from the blood donation programmes we held to Pygmallion and Machbeth that we famously stage in IPKB.

Us of Link 7

Us Of Link 8


New semester new life lah!

Salam dear blogger friends

Really need to think over how I spent my life as a student past few semesters of my education life. Never really a high achiever and Alhamdulillah, never bumped into too hard a failure. Sadly to say that the person I am right now dissapointed me (and believe me, dissapointing yourself is not really a pleasant sensation).

Looking back, in high school, I was this quiet guy who sit at the front of the class, only speaks when asked and always with a plausible answer, a favourite to those who teach language, be it Malay or English (in which I talk the most).

Since high school I know that language is my future as that is what my teenage mind sees fit that time.

Well here I am, doing TESL programme but barely living it. I failed Phonetics and Phonology, almost every semester there will be a subject that I just scrapped a pass.

And I heard that semester 5 (my current semester) is hard.