Rabu, 30 Disember 2009

Son of a Beach!

Me mum decide to have a feast-of-a-dinner today, sea food themed. All because her favorite son is leaving to Shah Alam.

Being the mum that her kids know and love, when it comes to cooking, she only use the best ingredients, and that is exactly what is lacking on that eventful day!

So dad, with all the love for this little family, drove us (me, me mum, me anak buahses Nazmi and his two sister) to Telaga Papan, a small fishing village by the sea occupied by, well....., fishermen!

A visit here or any fishing villages is always a nostalgic treat, as I was born by the sea, in Kampung Penarek to be exact, which also happened to be me dad birthplace. We frequently do a short trip to Telaga Papan, often to replenish mum's stock of sea bounty or just for picnics.
I think dad loves these little trips, there is always a childish glow in his face from watching us play by the sea.

FYI, this is what my parent refers tu as 'naek darak', the moment when the fishermen land their catch and display them for buyers to see.

And the rest will be told by pictures:

Me mum, dok pilih the finest among fishes and clams and shrimps....

A typical scene, "banyok udang kare weh!"

Baby shark

Another typical scene, among buyers are families of the fishermen hoping for their safe return

Salam from Nazmi and moi!

Hmmph, Dok Tahu Nok Royak Gapo.......

Jumaat, 25 Disember 2009

Ayohsu dan Saya

Assalamualaikum, Nama saya Nazmi, umur saya 9 tahun. Saya bersekolah di Sek. Ren. Keb. LKTP Chalok Barat.

Ini Ayohsu saya, dia balik ke rumah sebab dia sedang bercuti. Saya suka berkawan dengan dia. Tapi dia suka merajuk. Satu hari saya terpanggil dia bodoh, dia merajuk. Saya cakap yang kawan - kawan saya yang lain kalau bergurau selalu sebut bodoh, bodoh, biase je!. Ayohsu cakap yang perkataan tuh kasar dan menyinggung, die cakap lagi orang kite selalu sangat pakai perkataan tuh. Saya tak paham sangat kenapa, tapi saya ikut je sebab kalau saya dengar cakap dia, dia bagi main PSP dia.

Lepas tuh semalam tengok Galleri Perdana kat TV1, pasal tsunami. Ade die tunjuk video orang dihanyutkan air. Macam lawak sebab dia tunggang langgang, Nazmi pun gelak la!. Ayohsu marah, die cakap ini tragedi, mane boleh gelak. Nazmi tak paham tragedi tu apa, tapi kalau Ayohsu marah tuh makneye bende tak elok lah kot. Lepas tu die tunjuk pasal sorang pakcik yg baby dia mati sebab tsunami tuh, Nazmi tak paham lagi. Baby tuh kecik lagi, mane boleh die mati awal - awal. Nazmi ingat ustaz cakap kat sekolah, kalau baby mati terus masuk syurga, sebab tak buat dosa lagi, Nazmi tanye Ayohsu betul @ tak, tapi die senyum je.

Hmmmph, dok tahu nok royak gapo doh....

Khamis, 24 Disember 2009

Two Sided Temptation

2010 approaches and I vowed to limit my gaming world to only Farmville on Facebook, you know, to give enough space for me to focus on more crucial matter (education, for example), I think I lulled too much time living in Role Playing Games that I forgot too live in the world where I truly exist.
But as always, with important decision there will always be those who opposed you, those exist only to make sure you succumb to do what is wrong thus straying you from the path of light (gitu!) and this particular one exist in the form of,

Rune Factory 3!

Those who familiar with Harvest Moon games will know that this is a spin-off of the series. Unlike Harvest Moon, Rune Factory games incorporate RPG elements, (fighting and leveling and stuff) and you still have the farming simulation that Harvest Moon is famous for. It was cleverly glued together too, in order to fight, you have to farm and vice versa.

I tried the Japanese version of this and I was thrilled (with I do not understand Japanese and all) Now eagerly waiting for US release in 2010!

I finished Rune Factory and Rune Factory 2 this year so I really know this gem!

And oh, this one is for Nintendo Dual Screen, it has two screen thus the tittle, two sided, capiche?

Isnin, 21 Disember 2009


Anda tidak pernah belajar apa - apa dari pengajaran, bukan?

Khamis, 3 Disember 2009

Rabu, 2 Disember 2009

Merci beaucoup!

It was years ago, the exact date eluded me but it was in the first week of my brief life as a form 6 student. While waiting for a better call, I decide to lull precious time here in Sek. Model Khas Chalok.
Enter our first character, Shaharul Mukhliz Mohd, a friend of mine I made acquaintance since kindergarten. On some business I had forgotten, he asked me to accompany him to school one afternoon.
Whether it was fate or it was my luck ringing a bell, we met our beloved Sir Ruzaini who teaches us English for SPM. I remember him asking of my application for TESL programme I'm doing right now. My answer is that I have not yet received any letter concerning that matter. The naivety of me! thinking that they still paper letters! being in a Felda settlement really have its bad side when it comes to technology. I was 18, and I was aware of the internet but never use it before.
So sir Ruzaini took us to the school computer lab and with a few clicks, congratulation Ramzi, you are asked to attend an interview regarding the course you applied, when will it be? Tomorrow!!!
I rush home I made my family aware of the good, short notice news, and I sent my parent to Chaos to prepare me for tomorrow.
I end up putting on my form 6 school uniform (without the necktie) for the interview.
So my dear readers of blog suciku, you will now understand why I owe this two wonderful person thousands!
Again, thank you!