Isnin, 8 November 2010

Suhaimi Meor Hassan, Anna Raffali dan Altimet

Aku hanya ingin menyatakan bahawa kalian adalah genius. Ini adalah kerana, kalian meyakinkan aku bahawa lagu - lagu tempatan masih lagi sedap didengar. Ku dengan segera telah mencari beberapa lagu Melayu untuk diselitkan di celah - celah senarai mainan (playlist) ku.

You are now my official mantra....

Boleh pandang - pandang, jangan pegang - pegang, duduk renggang - renggang, biar malu - malu, biar segan - segan......

Dok tahu nok royak gapo doh, nok gih buat kijo pulok.

The Monsoon's Tapioca

The Monsoon! nothing like entertaining your ear to the drip, drip, drip and the pitter patter of the raindrops as they happily dance their tiny feet on our atap.

It is also the time when the Tapioca, taste suddenly different, for this is THE food to have to lull time away when rain is pouring outside like tomorrow will never come. Hawkers sprout out near the simpangs of our roads (like mushroom after the rain, so to speak) selling raw tapioca or kuihs made especially from them.

My favourite is the humble boiled tapioca, to add taste, we grate (is this the correct word?) coconuts, mixed with a pinch of salt. The humble, plain taste of the tapioca, the sweetness of the coconut with a tinge of salt is a festival for the taste buds.

Back in those days, we never have shortage of tapioca for it is a must in my mother's garden. There they were, rows and rows of them providing some greens to cool our eyes. Sometimes, mom will pick the shoots, boil them and serve them with a dipping of the anchovy sauce (budu), a favorite of mine.

I am eager for my semester to end, because I heard home calling whenever the heaven cries...
Setiu oh setiuku...., hahaha

Dok tahu nok royak gapo....

Isnin, 20 September 2010

Fat For Dinner!

Self - indulgence is never wrong people! hold on strong to that!

Big Apple delicious donuts and my favorite secrets, chocolate indulgence! ORGASM! ORGASM!

Two pieces of donuts missing because I just cant resist.

Total fat intake for tonight.....who cares? I just wanna live!

Khamis, 12 Ogos 2010

I am the mayor of Politeville, You are just rude.

I will not sugarcoat anything, I hate what I'm doing now. There! Reality hits me!!! DUSHHHH!!

At the end of the day, I only turns bitter and jaded. I hate that, I remember I used to return home (from class) literally singing my hearts out. I need to be happy again.

And the kids, my god! kids nowadays are just super rude and having to scream everyday is really not something that my throat agrees with.


I have travelled on this road for far too long. To turn back will only make all the sacrifices a complete waste.

You just wait people, one day I will touch thousands of hearts!!!!!

I honestly dont know what to say now.

Isnin, 26 Julai 2010

Praktikum Bahgn. 2

1. Attempt to buat muka garang is sukar. The kids are like double adorable, end up laughing all the time.

2. Need to brush up people skill. My practicum mate, Firdaus, is so good at it. He can jump into any conversation among the senior male teachers like he knew them for ages.

3. The teachers are extremely nice, love them

4. I have one advance student in my 1 Gemilang, need to open book on managing gifted kids.

5. Yes, 1 Gemilang, I embraced Jaclyn Victor.

Dok Tahu Nok Royak Gapo

Sabtu, 17 Julai 2010


My school refuse to accept me and my practicum mate.....

Dok TAhu Nok Royak Gapo

Jumaat, 21 Mei 2010

Ade pondang litah jalang / A pondan just crossed the road

We're in the car, when suddenly dad saw a snake slithering on the road, later he said,

"cewe lekar litah jale" (a 'cewe leka' just crossed the road)

'cewe lekar' is of course the snake in some old trengganu speak that I never heard of. Dad later ask us to guess what a cewe lekar is.

My nephew answered....."pondan"

of many things that can be related to cewe and lekar respectively, that is the first thing that comes to Nazmi's mind!

Hmmmph, Dok Tahu Nok Royak Gapo......

Khamis, 20 Mei 2010

Explaining vegetarian to mummy dearest (in Trengganuspeak)

vegetarian nih orang hok makang sayur je, ayang dok makang, dging dok makang..... (vegetarians are those who eat only vegatable, no chicken or meat....)

nyakit ko? ( are you sick?)

dok eh, die macang diet gituh,

orang hutang? (orang utan?)

Hmmmph, dok tahu nok royak gapo..

Khamis, 29 April 2010

TSL 650, U6B

Mr Arif posted this on his notice board outside of his room.

Khamis, 8 April 2010

Shakespeare............saya keliru!!!!

It was a moment of confusion, and it was superbly hilarious, expect this when when you give Shakespeare to a group of energetic, confused (in a sense) and oh-so-young teacher wannabes!
This is our adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew! we bring you, The 'WILD'ing of the Sue!!!

Sue is a term that we use in referring to gender confused men. Like them or hate them, they are here to stay

And it was musical also! sang by a chorus of our eligible hotties, Shukor, Azam, Mira, Shah & Usher ( I mean like, Usher tu wehhh!!)

I played Katriman Su-Ib, the parody to Katarina (the) Shrew. It was Taming all upside down, about an effort of a woman, Putrisiah (Petruchio's parody) to 'wild' his soft-natured husband.

I co-write the play. I was inspired to smack on male negative perception on female (and mother's role), and at the same time, trying to make fun on Sue mentioned earlier, thus I wrote this in the part where Putrisiah woo Katriman Suib (inspired from the original play) :

Suib : ...................You are unstable!

Putri : what unstable?

Suib : A stool!

Putri : and what is a stool?

Suib : something to sit on, to bear you!

Putri : Exactly! I can bear you a child

Suib : donkeys are meant to bear people, you are just like a donkey1

putri : that makes the two of us, you trying so hard to be a women!

Alas, the part got cencored through the editing session.

Ahad, 7 Mac 2010

Gapo Namo Rima! (what in the name of tiger!)

Dok saba kawe!!!!! / I cant wait!!!!!

Isnin, 8 Februari 2010

Pergi Hijau / Going Green

Saya tak makan daging, ayam atau ikan, dah lebih sebulan dah..............

I had this thought of turning vegetarian since way back in Kelantan. Bakpo (why?) you ask? Dok tahu kawe! (not sure myself). I think it was a calling, you know, like in Jogho, when Mamat explained to his wife of his liking to bullfighting, "aku nih oghe perjuange, mung keno pehe" (I have a calling, you understand?)

Its not easy being a semi - vegetarian (I never consider myself a strict vegetarian, I still eat animal product, milk and eggs for instance) here. And the word vegetarian itself is so alien, untok membuktikannya below is a transcribe text between me and Kak Ruby

Location: Kedai Makan Kak Ruby, Sekyen 2, Shah Alam.

Kak Ruby: Makan ni je dik? (I was paying my packed lunch, nasi putih, kerabu mangga and tempe)
Me: saya vegetarian kak
Kak Ruby: ooo, allergic eh? dari kecik lagi ke?
Me: hehehe

And it was also difficult, personally. I have to give up a lot of favourites, among them are my mum's specialty macam sup ayam, nasi lemak...~sigh~

Hmmmm... dok tahu nok royak gapo doh............

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

And Along Came Sackboy

I vowed on previous post not to indulge too much into gaming world this semester, and I am sad to say that if anything can be said about me posting this very post, is that I am only human, incapable to hold to the words I uttered, because I am about to review a game I had a chance to lay my hand on recently.

Little Big Planet for PSP

Upon first hearing the tittle when it was first announced for PS3 last year, I thought it was like Animal crossing for PSP, only to be surprised because this really is a Platformer.
Okay, got to be honest that I am not a fan of platform games, but a few hours playing this, and I instantly love it.
Beautiful graphic, creative levels and oh, your Sackboy (or Sackgirl if you want it) is just sooooo cute. You can customize him if you do not like his sack appearance.
You can also create your own levels and share them with other Little Big Planeteers

And, as requested by Im, more screen shots!

Hmmph, Dok Tahu Nok Royak Gapo doh.....